Legendary Vermin

Undead Adventuring Rxloaded by Bxllet
Basketballs, Rivalries, and Romances, The Triple Double of RPGs
A Rules Light, Occultech Horror Science-Fantasy RPG
Tools and Slingers on the perhiphery of [BXLLET>
A game of micro-role-play for conventions and parties
A single session tool for long-term RPGs.
The Future of Table Top RPGs
A "Game" for smokers.
An Erotic LARP about itch.io Smut in a Courtroom Setting
A synesthetic erotic short story based on LANCER and Frozen Reign
A microgame for exploring a prophetic or moving dream.
Give Yourself Up to Your Machine
A short, surreal twine game about queer identity.
Interactive Fiction
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