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Welcome to a Wild World of Fantastic Basketball

Slam-Dunks! Triple Doubles! Kooky Advertisements! Smooching! Welcome to the premier lighthearted, setting-and-genre-neutral basketball tournament one-shot  for two to four players!


Let me back up. Alley-Oop! is a game that simulates a basketball tournament, but it's not about being a basketball expert, or leading your team to victory. In Alley-Oop!, you take a more laid back approach, instead letting the dice fall where they may, narrating and interpreting their results! How does that work? Well, every basketball player on your team is represented by a specific die. That big pink d12? That might be Josie Wreden, the 3 time All-Star and leading scorer in the league! And that green d4? That might be Sam "Bonanza" Bonnigan, a rookie here to show that they can hang in the big leagues.

And of course, they have to compete with the fact that they are mere humans in a league populated by ghosts, psychics, aliens, movie monsters and various knights from throughout history.

Okay, You Lost me Again

Oh, right! Alley-Oop! is completely flexible in its setting! So if you want to play as a bunch of Aliens getting together for an intergalactic tournament? Great! If you want to play as a group of kids playing a tournament in the last days and weeks of their summer camp? Amazing!

The only restrictions are that the characters have to play together, and that all the participants are living in the same general space for the duration of the tournament. That's because in between games of basketball, we get to see what the players lives are like in short little scenes. What's it like when they eat together? What does it look like when they train? Is that romance that was brewing on the court going to blossom into love? We answer those questions and more between the games!!

Oh god just show me a bulleted list I beg of you

Fine. We got:

  • A Flexible Setting
  • Basketball Players are Specific Dice
  • A big Lexicon of Basketball Terms for Nerds!
  • A big list of Fun Settings for Jocks!
  • Lovely Art and Beautiful Layout
  • An easy to follow, play as you read format
  • 30+ pages for $15

Free Playsheets Available In Demo Section

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorLegendary Vermin
GenreRole Playing, Sports
TagsCute, GM-Less, oracular, Romance


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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