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Hello adventurer! Welcome to INVENTORY!

The world is vast, uncharted, and populated sparsely by other bold, curious, and mighty heroes like you! Keep your eyes sharp as you wander around, looking for the telltale markings on the hands and arms of your comrades! Call to them, over beers, games, lines or across the parlor, and when ready, talk of your adventures together! Gather loot from your escapades, remember the adventures fondly, and indoctrinate new heroes!

Ah! What a joy it is to wander!

Okay but what is this?

INVENTORY is a viral-by-design micro-rpg meant to be played in person at parties, conventions, pub crawls and industry nights. It involves drawing on your arm (despite what your teachers used to say), keeping an eye out for other players, narrating little adventures together, and doodling for one another on a business card. It's simple! It's silly! It's inclusive!

When you buy this game for at least $1 you also get commercial printer-friendly versions, and granted express permission to print it yourself (I mean I won't really be able stop you, but like... be nice), or you can buy a bundle of cards from me (COMING SOON) (I have a lot of them).

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorLegendary Vermin
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbusiness-card, Co-op, Cute, Local Co-Op, minigames, party-game
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Printed Cards!

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

25 Printed Copies of INVENTORY

I put 25 copies of INVENTORY in an envelope and send them to you

50 Printed Copies of INVENTORY

I put 50 copies of INVENTORY in an envelope and send them to you. Double the stamps, double the fun.

100 Printed Copies of INVENTORY

I go ham, stuffing 100 copies on INVENTORY into an envelope and shoving it into the mail, where a postal worker will surely injure themself under the weight of the package.


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This is so cute! I love the idea of narrating adventures on the fly with one another and gaining loot from them. Loot that you then get to draw into your own inventory and save forever! Artifact games are my favorite and this is a delightful execution of one :D

- ✨Beth


Thanks so much! If you ever get a chance to play I’d love to see the artifacts!!