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Smash your brain into a Cyberhellscape in Æthernet, a rules-light Occultech Horror Science-Fantasy game based off of Sledgehammer by gayhalforc.


The Internet as we know it ceased to exist after The Incursion, and in its place the sprawling Virtual Hyperreality of the Æthernet stretches horrible and festering in every direction. Plumb its depths in search of riches, miracles and ruins that the keepers of the mundane world will pay heartily for, just beware of the Daemons and UNGODS waiting for you in its depths, hoping to bend and shape your flesh to their own ends.

Make a character in seconds, ruin them for hours. The Player Book contains the minimum essential rules and setting information, and the Ref's Handbook fills in the other rules and tables you need to run the game.


  • The Player Booklet (Print and Phone versions)
  • The Ref Handbook (Print and Phone versions)
  • The Sourcebook (Print and Phone versions) †
  • A Raw Text file so you can read it and not my godawful handwriting *

† This piece is in development

* This piece is useable as-is, but will be extended later


This game was made as a part of the #Sledgejammer game jam!

Based on Sledgehammer by Gayhalforc. Æthernet is an independent work compatible with Sledgehammer but not affiliated with Gayhalforc.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I'd love to talk to you about possibly including Æthernet in a set of RPGs next year! If you're interested, could you email me at allison at sjgames.com? Thank you! 


Hullo! I got your game in a bundle recently, and I'm enraptured haha. I was wondering if you could clarify how to determine the success/failure thresholds for rolls. Is it like CoC? I haven't played many d100 games


Heya, stoked you’re excited to play!

So this game uses a “roll under stat” mechanic. During character creation, each stat is determined by rolling 6d6 and writing down the sum (with the exception of demonology).

When you try to do something with an uncertain outcome, you roll d100, and if the d100 roll is under your stat (not equal), you succeed.

If you have an advantage, your “gender” applies, you can see them bleeding etc., your target to roll under goes up by 10 for each relevant trigger.

Let’s say you’re near the end of a fight with a tech witch. You have a gun, she’s already beat up (bleeding) and your Meat stat is 25.

If you say, “I’m gonna shoot the tech witch”, your target to roll under is 25+10+10, or 45. It’s better to roll high. Because the 10’s place determines damage, so it’s best in that situation to roll in the 40’s, but 30’s is good, and if you roll under 10, well, at least you didn’t fail.

Long explaination. But I hope it helps!! Have a great time! :D


Thanks so much!! Since I play mostly online, I've been recompiling the play materials for ease of reference and that was the only thing I couldn't quite parse. I'm really stoked to pull together a game and try out the system. Think my favorite part so far is the compendium, your writing is fantastic! (and if you ever need graphic design/digital art, you should totally hit me up, this setting is super inspiring ^^)

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I love the vibe this system has so much! Definitely going to plot up a future game with this in mind. Would love to see more of this!